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Comprehensive bathroom transformations: From new ensuites to renovations

A new ensuite and bathroom renovation can add value, convenience and appeal to any home. 

If you’re sick of staring at an old bathtub, outdated shower or rusted fixtures, then it’s time for an ensuite renovation. Whether you’re wanting a complete update or simply after a few changes to help make the most of your ensuite space, River City Bathrooms are the best choice for you.

River City Bathrooms offer:

  • The most affordable choices for your new ensuite and renovation 
  • Quality products, every time 
  • Custom-designed ensuites that suit your specific needs and style! 

ensuite bathroom builder

Make it personal 

Your ensuite is a space adjoining your bedroom, so any new ensuite or renovation needs to keep this in mind. Think of a new ensuite as an extension of the bedroom, a personal and intimate space that requires special consideration.

Whatever your ensuite vision— whether it’s sleek and minimal or something with a little more flair — we can help you execute it. 

Every renovation will be unique, and it is important to consider your distinct needs and what you want out of your space. At River City Bathrooms, our mission is to meet these needs while ensuring that your new ensuite or renovation remains safe and functional. 

Making the most of your space doesn’t need to mean knocking down walls! At River City Bathrooms, we can help you create a new ensuite that maximises your existing space while still appearing clean, modern and fresh. We work with you to deliver the best ensuite renovation experience.

Whether you’re catering for a growing family, a young couple or a single homeowner, River City Bathrooms can ensure you get the most out of the space you have. 

A fresh approach, start to finish 

A bathroom is more than just a room. It’s a place where we often start and end the day, a place to relax and decompress. Bathrooms are essential elements of every home, but just because they are functional it doesn’t mean a new ensuite can’t be stylish and modern. When it comes to ensuite renovations, there’s a lot to think about. From the design and layout through to the colour scheme and tapware finishes, River City Bathrooms can help you get the look you’re after, down to the smallest detail. 

No matter if your ensuite renovation is a complete overhaul or something more minimal, our team can offer expert advice to help bring your bathroom vision to life. We understand that your new ensuite needs to be functional, without skimping on aesthetics. We’ll add our bathroom expertise to your vision, helping you create an ensuite that’s both practical and appealing. 

Bringing your new ensuite to life

Ready for a new ensuite or renovation? 

Our team have detailed knowledge of ensuite renovation, as well as many years of experience in the bathroom design industry. From new ensuites to renovation projects of any size, we are Brisbane’s leading bathroom experts. 

Keeping your style, needs and lifestyle in mind, our team of experienced bathroom renovators will transform your ensuite into the space of your dreams. Contact River City Bathrooms to see how we can bring your dream to life. 

Your new ensuite is just a call away!

ensuite bathroom builder

For your next Brisbane bathroom project, whether it be starting from scratch or updating your current bathroom, the team at River City Construction are able to help.

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